Wine Tasting Event at the Pro Football Hall of Fame with 720 Market

I started Wine Taste Cleveland as an information source and social media marketing outlet for local businesses, but never imagined I would be a vendor at an event. Let alone a “guest pourer” and author of a Tasting Tips article, but here we are!! The Founder’s Favorite for the month of April was the 720 farmer’s market and wine tasting at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was a brand new venture and experience for Wine Taste Cleveland and SO FUN!!

Lynn Shimko, the owner of 720 Market, contacted WTC after Gervasi was so kind as to refer her to me. She asked if I would write an article on wine tasting for her publication and host a tent at their big event. I eagerly and immediately said yes! I mean, what great exposure AND I get to pour/drink wine all day while talking to people - my kind of Saturday! Only little problem was that I didn’t have a tent, promo materials, people to work the tent for me, and any experience with any of these things!

In three weeks time (thanks to the incredible help of my family and boyfriend) I was given a crash course in tent assembly, manufactured 200 WTC water bottles to give away for free, had a banner and articles of clothing made, and was ready for the big debut.

After some prayers were answered and a near hurricane left us alone, Wine Taste Cleveland had the best time at this event!! HUGE shout out to my parents and boyfriend, yet again, for manning the booth and being the best support system I could ask for. Another HUGE shout out to Lynn’s husband who took pity on me during my solo set up and erected the tent for me:) I could have never done that alone.

The event featured all Ohio wineries and it was so wonderful to meet the local producers and form new connections for WTC. I can’t wait to feature many of these wineries in Instagram posts to come.

Had Gervasi and 720 Market not reached out, I wouldn’t have been granted this fabulous opportunity and experience to showcase and grow what Wine Taste Cleveland truly is…a COMMUNITY of wine lovers! Who knew we’d be doing events, but can’t wait to pour and swirl at the next one!