Barrington Wine Classic

I took a hiatus from the Founder’s Favorite to focus more on the content of the website ( and social media, don’t get me started on that! ), but we’re back in action!

The Founder’s Favorite for the month of August is most definitely the Barrington Wine Classic at The Barrington Golf Club in Aurora. I had been to the club before and knew it would host only the most exclusive of events, so I was immediately excited. This particular evening was to benefit the Near West Theatre in Gordon Square and I want to thank their director, Brendan, for reaching out and inviting Wine Taste Cleveland…it was a hell of an event!

Ticket prices went for $350 a head. Yes…$350 PER PERSON. * Jaw drop* We all know charity events come at a cost, but this was one of the pricier non black tie events I have witnessed. For being a more “casual” wine affair, they did it up AMAZING!

The wine selection was unlimited and out of this world. I kept hearing people say they were going to one specific table to fill up on the Caymus, and I wanted to politely tell them that didn’t even touch on what was the best wine there! The selection was that good.

If wine wasn’t your thing, then maybe the lobster claws, oyster shucking, sushi, pastas, mini Nutellas, and a million different meat options were. The food and it’s presentation were fabulous and I couldn’t decide to fill up on wine or food. I wish I could have tried it all!

There were some very cool performances by members of the local theatre and a live auction that always gets this kind of crowd going. I attended this event alone, but bonded with the fellow Lilly Pulitzer dress wearing ladies and had a great time mingling and truly enjoying my “work” there.

Really classy and tasteful event where no detail or wine was overlooked. I’m just thankful to have been asked to go! Looking forward to next year…hint hint:)

Thanks for swirling with me this past month!