March 2019 Founder's Favorite - That Hundred Acres Cab in Good Company

I mention in every post how fortunate I am to experience such great wine and even better people around Cleveland, and this past month was quite the testament to that! I tried the best wine I have had the privilege of drinking thus far, in some of the best company in all of The Land.

The Founder’s Favorite for March took place during an impromptu, causal wine tasting with a bunch of wine freaks at The Olde Wine Cellar on a Tuesday night. Through the wine lovers world, I have had the pleasure of becoming buddies with a man named Ken who runs the West Side Wine Lovers Meetup group. He puts together these great pairings once a month and is more passionate about wine than anyone I have ever met (check out the Meetup group). He’ll invite me to local get-togethers of wine geeks every now and then, and this night happened to be one of them.

There is a group that gathers frequently at The Olde Wine Cellar in Olmsted Falls, which happens to be one of my favorite local haunts and one of the cutest, quaintest places ever to kick back and sip wine all night. I’ve gotten to know Mike, the owner, through my years of drinking there and not only is he hilarious in his promo videos each month, he is one of the most generous and non-egotistical wine store owners in town (hard to find). He also puts up with quite the eclectic crowd gathering there on Tuesdays now!

On this one particular random Tuesday, Greg (my new friend), was so unbelievably kind as to bring a bottle of 2015 Hundred Acres for the group to try. I had heard of Hundred Acres, but didn’t have the whole background I should have before trying it. I knew it would be good, but it was PHENOMENAL. One of the best wines I’ve had in my entire life. I even said that that evening and they all blamed the the other bottles we had polished off prior, haha! But seriously, this wine was amazing.

Greg jokingly asked me to post his photo on social media to make him famous, and I promised to do just that. Greg has become one of my favorite wine drinking buds and after googling the 2015 Hundred Acres and learning that he so willingly shared a $500 (yes, $500) bottle of wine with almost strangers just made my month.

So to sum up… a $500 bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, a cozy and unpretentious venue owned by a really great guy and his wife, and an overly generous man in an Elton John shirt made this whole night my Founder’s Favorite. Thanks Greg (left) and Mike (right) and Ken (photo cred) for this awesome experience! Let’s swirl the good stuff some more!