February 2019 Founder's Favorite - Wine Tasting in a Furniture Store (Maison Maison)

February brought a huge amount of wine tastings around Valentine’s Day and I wish I could have made it to them all, but sadly that’s never the case when a big wine drinking holiday happens. This month kicked off a monthly wine series that took the cake for my favorite though, and I really look forward for more to come from this venue.

This month’s Founder’s Favorite was the New Zealand wine tasting at Maison Maison in Rocky River. Maison Maison is actually a furniture store located in the adorable “Old River” area and I stumbled upon it while enlisting their services for a custom ottoman. They had just opened in their new location and when I provided my email address, they asked what Wine Taste Cleveland was.

After the brief explanation, they told me that they hired a Sommelier and installed a full kitchen and would be hosting their own wine pairing dinners there. I was definitely surprised! Most wine pairings are held at higher end restaurants or wine stores…this is a custom furniture store?! I had to check it out.

I had no idea what to expect, which was the best part. It was like this gorgeous pop up of a gourmet dinner amidst the beautiful furniture and decor of the store. The store has a GREAT feel and ambiance to it already that set the tone. The evening was literally a full 6 course pairing dinner while the Sommelier and wine rep walked us through each wine! The food was phenomenal, the wine pours were heavy, and we learned a ton too!

I absolutely love the mixing of the design, culinary, and wine concept all in one! I commend Maison Maison on putting their leg out there to do something new and creative. The dinner was a huge hit and I can’t wait to go to them each month now! Cheers guys (and thanks Jesse!), I’ll be there swirling for the next one!